Proceedings of the Gnedenko Conference

Last decision of the Organizing Committee. The Proceedings of the Gnedenko conference will be published in the journal Theory of Stochastic Processes. Depending on the number of submitted papers, there will be either 2 or 1 issues of the journal.

The Proceedings of the workshop "Stochastics and Mathematical Physics" will be published in the journal Methods of Functional Analysis and Topology.

All papers submitted for the Proceedings will be reviewed.

Deadline. The deadline for submission of papers is September 1, 2002. An early submission is appreciated.

Language. Papers should be written in English.

How to submit a paper. Both hard copies and files should be submitted. Those interested in a contribution to Proceedings are asked to send a hard copy to

Oleg Klesov
Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)
pr. Peremogy, 37
02056 Kiev

Files of papers have to be sent to . Please do NOT send us either .ps or .dvi files! If necessary we will ask you to do so.

Style. The papers should be typeset in AMSTEX. The template file can be download from the WEB site of the conference or its mirrors in Marburg or in Paderborn. While download please us "Save as" and "Text document" to avoid unnecessary symbols.

Restriction. Normally a paper should not exceed approximately 10 printed pages.

Acknowledgement. We do not confirm the receiving of papers. Instead authors can look into the list of papers to be sure that the paper is received by the Editorial Board of the journal. Please note that 2-3 weeks are necessary for a paper to reach Kiev. If you do not see your paper in the list or you need to know its current status please send a request to us .