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Algebraic Complexity and Algorithmic Algebra


My work is mainly in computational mathematics, with special emphasis on questions of efficiency and complexity. Recently, I also got interested in financial mathematics.

My main contributions are in Algebraic Complexity Theory. This subject studies the complexity of fundamental computational problems within an algebraic framework of computation. This includes the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for algebraic problems, a topic belonging to Computer Algebra. Algebraic Complexity adds to this the quest for lower complexity bounds, an enterprise genuine to Theoretical Computer Science. The tools needed to establish such lower bounds cover a large spectrum of mathematics: ranging from combinatorics to topology and algebraic geometry. In this sense, Algebraic Complexity Theory is a truly interdisciplinary project.

More information on this can be found in the following two monographs:


        P. Bürgisser, M. Clausen, and M.A. Shokrollahi
Algebraic Complexity Theory
Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, No. 315
Springer Verlag 1997, 618 + xxiii pp.
ISBN 3-540-60582-7
Order this book at www.amazon.de or at www.amazon.com
        P. Bürgisser
Completeness and Reduction in Algebraic Complexity Theory
Algorithms and Computation in Mathematics, No. 7
Springer Verlag 2000, 168 + xii pp.
ISBN 3-540-66752-0
Order this book at www.amazon.de or at www.amazon.com

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