Who needs Ukrainian visa. Participants from most of the countries need Ukrainian visa to attend the conference. As of January 1, 2002, exceptions are participants from Hungary, Poland, Russia, and from some of the countries of the former Soviet Union. Even you are from the mentioned countries, please make sure before you leave for the conference that you really do not need visa.

Letter of invitation. You should apply to the embassy of Ukraine in your country to get the visa. A letter of invitation from the Organizing Committee should be attached to your visa application to simplify the procedure. A letter of invitation will be send to you upon your request. Please request a letter of invitation before March 31, 2002 to get it well in advance, otherwise you will be in hurry with your visa application.

Medical insurance. When crossing the Ukrainian border you may be asked for a medical insurance valid in Ukraine. Despite you have a valid insurance in your country, you have to buy an Ukrainian one. This kind of insurance can be obtained from Ukrainian customers at the border and costs about 20 HRN (4 EUR). The insurance covers only very simple medical treatment in Ukraine, while the insurance issued in your country can help you in more complicated cases.

Please do not however be surprised if you are not asked at the border for an insurance. As far as we can see this is not very strict rule and is not always applied.