Sections and organizers

1. Limit theorems for independent random variables: A. I. Martikainen and V. V. Petrov
2. Quality Control, Reliability Theory, Queueing Theory: Yu. K. Belyaev and I. N. Kovalenko
3. Extremal Statistics, Random Sums: V. Yu. Korolev
4. Parametric statistics, Test of Hypotheses: A. V. Ivanov and Yu. N. Lin'kov
5. Asymptotics of Stable Processes:
6. Statistical Change Point Analysis: J. Steinebach
7. Issues in Education: N. Kh. Rozov, D. Vere-Jones, and M. I. Yadrenko
8. Limit Theorems for Random Fields: A. V. Bulinskii and N. N. Leonenko
9. Stochastics and Mathematical Physics: S. Albeverio, Yu. M. Berezanskii and Yu. G. Kondratiev
10. Statistical Methods with Applications to Insurance and Finance: Yu. S. Mishura and A. G. Kukush
11. Probabilistic Number Theory: K.-H. Indlekofer and I. Katai
12. Discrete Probabilistic Models:
13. Stochastic Analysis: D. Elworthy, B. Grigelionis, and A. Yu. Veretennikov