There is a number of hotels located in a walking distance from the Institute of Mathematics. The prices are high enough and reach 500 HRN (100 EUR) and more for **-*** facilities. More comfortable (and expensive) hotels are also available.

There also are several hotels located in a reasonable distance of a 25-30 min combined trip by walk and metro. The prices at those hotels are about 300 HRN (60 EUR) for the same facilities.

To make a hotel reservation please send until April 30, 2002 an e-mail message to the Organizing Committee and we will make a hotel reservation for you.

The Organizing Committee offers to choose the University guest house to those who need a cheaper accommodation. The guest house is located far enough of the Institute of Mathematics (50-60 min by public transportation). Please note that the number of places available at the University guest house is restricted, so that we do not guarantee the reservation there for all the participants of the conference. Please send your request as soon as possible to make a reservation at the University guest house.

Further questions and requires of the participants of the conference concerning the accommodation are invited.