JEP - 00102

Projekt Ziele (Beschreibung)

The aim of this project is to develop modern curricula, adapted to the needs of Eastern European institution, and to upgrade the efficiency and productivity of the mathematical, computer-orientated higher education of teachers, scientists and engineers in the eligible countries. The regions involved in the project are situated in Central Europe (Paderborn/Germany and Nijmegen/Netherlands) and in middle and eastern Hungary (Budapest and Debrecen), respectively.
The main activities to be undertaken are
  • development of curricula and teaching material for
    1. applied mathematics and software-systems,
    2. stochastic models in industry, environment, biology and natural sciences,
    3. computer algebra,
  • intensive courses for students and teachers,
  • organization of language courses.
The major targets to be met are
  • elaboration of an international teaching program,
  • development of an exchange network,
  • consolidation of joint teaching and research activities,
  • integration with other European groups.
The project will contribute to the establishment of a link between organizations in Hungary and European networks (ERASMUS- and COMETT- projects).


Jahr Dozenten-Mobilität (#Reisen) Dozenten-Mobilität (#Wochen) Studenten-Mobilität (#Reisen) Studenten-Mobilität (#Monaten)
90-91 16 165 20 140
91-92 32 184 27 238
92-93 32 209 13 70
Summe: 80 558 60 448