Ubiquity Script: Gcalc

by Axel Boldt

Gcalc is an Ubiquity script that gives easy access to Google's calculator. It has all the features of a scientific calculator, knows constants such as the speed of light or the mass of the Earth, and can convert between units and currencies.

You can check out the script here: ubiquity_gcalc.js. If you have Ubiquity installed, you should see a Subscribe button in the upper right; alternatively you can get the javascript code from the above link, paste it into your Ubiquity command-editor, and edit away.

To use the calculator, invoke Ubiquity (Ctrl-Space) and type gcalc followed by any mathematical expression. The result appears immediately, you don't need to hit Enter. Alternatively, highlight a mathematical expression with the mouse and then invoke Ubiquity and gcalc.

Also check out my other Ubiquity scripts. They are all in the public domain; you can use them in any way you like.

Last Change: 01-Sep-2008.
Copyright 2008 Axel Boldt axelboldt@yahoo.com
This material is available under your choice of the OPL or GFDL.