TkInfo: a free browser for info files

Most GNU software documentation is written in the texinfo format (a very restricted dialect of TeX) and then converted to the info hypertext file format; tkInfo is a graphical browser for these hypertext files. It requires Tcl7.4 and Tk4.0 or better and runs on all systems which are supported by Tcl/Tk, i.e., Unix with X, Next, Windows, and MacOS. Tcl/Tk is a free scripting language for quick development of portable graphical user interfaces, among other things.

Features of tkInfo include:

TkInfo was orginally written by Kennard White for Tcl/Tk 3.6. I made it work with newer versions of Tcl/Tk, polished the interface a bit and added some features.

There's also a RedHat-style .rpm package of tkInfo and a Debian-style .deb package.

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Last Change: 30-Nov-2023
Axel Boldt <>