TkInfo: a free browser for info files

Most GNU software documentation is written in the texinfo format (a very restricted dialect of TeX) and then converted to the info hypertext file format; tkInfo is a graphical browser for these hypertext files. It requires Tcl7.4 and Tk4.0 or better and runs on all systems which are supported by Tcl/Tk, i.e., Unix with X, Next, Windows, and MacOS. Tcl/Tk is a free scripting language for quick development of portable graphical user interfaces, among other things.

Features of tkInfo include:

TkInfo was orginally written by Kennard White for Tcl/Tk 3.6. I made it work with newer versions of Tcl/Tk, polished the interface a bit and added some features.

There's also a RedHat-style .rpm package of tkInfo and a Debian-style .deb package. These need not always be completely up to date though.

I maintain a list of people who would like to get announcements about new versions of tkinfo. Send me some email if you would like to be added to that list.

Other free programs to process texinfo/info files

Please let me know if there are any others.

Other Sources of Information

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